7th Pakistan Industrial Expo recently concluded at the Lahore Expo Centre.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

Following the success of the 7th Pakistan Industrial Expo recently concluded at the Lahore Expo Centre, the organizers have announced plans to set up a “Pakistan Pavilion” at their forthcoming events in South Africa, Kenya, the UAE and Saudi Arabia to promote Pakistani products. The upcoming events are scheduled for the year 2024 and watching the encouraging Chinese response towards Pakistani products and services displayed at the Lahore event, the organizers have decided to promote the interested Pakistani companies in their other events through this initiative. This was announced by the Everest Expo International Project Director Steve Zhou while talking to journalists here on Sunday sharing the details of the successful event. He disclosed that several Pakistani and Chinese companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) to collaborate with each other in improving the Pakistani industries relating to different sectors at the Expo.

The Chinese companies showcasing the latest technology in CNC machines also signed letters of intent with their Pakistani counterparts for the transfer of technology.

The exhibition which was participated by over 240 Pakistani and Chinese companies was visited by people from different strata of life from November 25, 2023, to November 27, 2023, and inaugurated by the Punjab Minister for Housing, Transport and Livestock Hassan Ibrahim Murad, who termed it an appreciable step by the organizers Everest International Expo Pvt. Ltd to bring together Pakistani and Chinese businessmen.

The Expo drew over 13,000 professional visitors over the course of its run. This significant turnout not only attests to the event’s reputation as a pivotal platform for global collaborations but also underscores its crucial role in fostering economic growth and intercontinental partnerships.

Chairman Daroghawala Industries Owners Association Ch. Mansha whose peers set up a large number of stalls displaying Pakistani products said that one of the standout achievements of the 7th Pakistan Industrial Expo was the creation of a thriving environment for local Pakistani companies. Mr Irfan Ahmad Qureshi from the Pakistan Foundries Association (PFA) Irfan Ahmad Qureshi expressed his delight at having met new businessmen and forging connections that were previously beyond their reach.

This expansion of networks within the local community is indicative of the Expo’s profound impact on fostering a robust business ecosystem. Zishan Hashmi, Deputy General Manager Everest International Expo Pvt. Ltd., remarked, “The success of the 7th Pakistan Industrial Expo is a testament to the strength of collaboration between the Pakistani and Chinese industrial sectors.

We are thrilled to have provided a platform that not only exceeded attendance expectations but also facilitated meaningful connections and collaborations.”